Meetings Rooms

Sala “Giardino” – Surface: 400 sq. meters – Theatre: 280 people

Available in different looks, the room fits many requests. It is large, warm and with natural light. 352 sq. meters divisible into two rooms by a mobile wall,  it can accommodate approx. 280 participants with theater layout . Other layouts are also possible.


Salone ’800 – Surface: 112 sq. meters – Theatre: 120 people – School: 100 people – Horseshoe: 50 people – Large table: 50 people

It is located on the 1st floor of Hotel Belvedere and is  the most scenic and bright of the rooms. Its 112 sq. meters fit into different solutions and outfits: adjacent to the mezzanine overlooking the hotel lobby, ideal for aperitifs, cocktails and banquets. It is connected with a stair to the Main Hall of the Restaurant.


Sala Duse – Surface: 52 sq. meters – Theatre: 25 people – School: 20 people – Horseshoe: 18 people – Large table: 20 people

The Room is located at Hotel Belvedere.  Classy ambience and direct access to the restaurant and bar make it an ideal place for those looking for quality and privacy.


Sala Jacopo –  Surface: 20 sq. meters – Royal table: 8 seats

It is the smallest of the Belvedere rooms and is therefore particularly suitable for small briefings, business meetings, perhaps accompanied by an elegant breakfast.


Sala Da Ponte – Surface: 170 sq. meters – Theatre: 200 seats

Located at  Bonotto Hotel Palladio, it is the congress hall for excellence. Wide, luminous, ideal for conferences and presentations; also perfect for shows, parties and events. Possibility to connect directly with the ” Sala Canova” by the audio/video connection for a total audience of 220 + 60 people.


Sala Giorgione –  Surface: 140 sq. meters – Theater: 30 seats – School: 30 seats – Royal table: 30 seats

Great versatility for this Palladio Hotel room; is one of the 2 parts that together with Sala Canova form a large multi-purpose hall of over 270 sqm. Several lay-out solutions available


Sala Canova – 128 sq. meters – Theater: 60 seats – School: 50 seats – Royal table: 40 seats – Horseshoue: 30 seats

Another room of the Palladio Hotel, is one of the two parts that together with Sala Giorgione form a large multi-purpose hall of over 270 sq. meters.


Sala Tipeolo – Area: 58 sq. meters – Theater: 40 seats – School: 30 seats – Royal table: 24 seats – Horseshoe: 20 seats

It is a room with great visual effect, very warm, with style furnishings. One of the many solutions available at Hotel Palladio


Modular  Rooms (4)  –  Surface: 25 x 4 sq. meters – Theater: 20 seats (2 rooms) – Royal table: 12 x room

Set of 4 rooms of 25 sqm each, carpeted floors, all modular to a single 100 sqm room.


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