Cycling Tourism

The Brenta Biking Route

The Brenta Biking Route is one of the most interesting projects of cycle paths along the Italian rivers.

The itinerary starts from  Caldonazzo lake (near Trento) and runs to the lagoon of Venice.

The only well-equipped and truly cycling route is in the territory ” Valsugana”. From  Bassano del Grappa to Padua it touches places of great interest.

There is no true cycle track in this area along the river, and the itinerary goes through countryside streets with not  much traffic.

Starting from the historic center of Bassano del Grappa and passing through the Bridge on the Brenta turning left to reach the City of Padua,  the tour continues through some Ville Venete (Villa Morosini, Villa Contarini ..). Turning right at the wooden bridge , it will takes to the lakes and to Trento.

It is a beautuiful mix of historical small town and natural panorama.

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